Digital Download English ADVANCED POTION MAKING book pdf


Do you remember when Professor asks the students to open the book to page 10 to attempt the potion of the Living Death? Well, you can open this book to page 10 and find it there. It remains faithful to the potions and ingredients depicted in the class.

Unlike many book covers available in the market that are scanned copies of real books, resulting in blurry letters and designs, our cover is meticulously crafted from scratch, ensuring clear and crisp lettering and design elements.

What you will receive:

The cover with three different backgrounds: Transparent, Blue, and Distress Vintage Look.
The book with 182 pages of potions and magic instructions related to the wizards universe, including the instructions of the prince.
Two versions: a clean version with only instructions and another version with spots and splatters.
A version ready to print, so you can make your own book.
Formats provided: PNG and PDF.
The ideal size for printing the cover is A3.
The ideal size for printing the book is A4.

You have a video tutorial on how to bind the book on my YouTube channel, in Spanish